Winning strategies and roulette payouts

Many people play roulette just for fun and for socialization, and if they win, it’s just an added advantage. Others seek the winning advantage more than any other benefit, and therefore look out for the best strategy to beat the house. That is, if possible.

There are inside and outside betting strategies, and in each of the cases, there are different payouts. These payouts have one thing in common: the house always has an advantage over the player. There are, however, cases where the players have higher chances of winning with a well-informed betting strategy. Irrespective of the betting strategy developed by the player, the simplicity of Roulette comes from one fact: winning is purely by chance.

Inside betting strategies are about 7 with the house edge being 5.26%, except for five-number bets where the house edge is higher (7.9%). The other strategies include:

  • Straight-up (37:1) –bet on one number
  • Split (18:1) -bet on 2 numbers
  • Street (11.7:1) –bet on three numbers
  • Trio (11.7:1) –a bet on three numbers, but one must be 0 or 00
  • Corner (8.5:1) –a bet on four numbers
  • Six-line (5.33:1) –a bet on two streets

The roulette payout for each of the strategies is lower than the rations presented. For instance, straight-up has odds of 37:1 but the roulette payout is 35:1. Similarly, five-number bets have odds of 6.6:1 but the roulette payout is 6:1.

Although the house edges on the outside betting strategies use the same principle, the ratios and payouts are lower than inside bets. Outside bets include:

  • Black or red (1.11:1)
  • Odd or even (1.11:1)
  • Low or high (1.11:1) -high represents numbers ranging from 19-36 while low represents number ranging from 1-18.
  • Dozens (2.17:1) –dozens are numbers ranging from 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.
  • Columns (2.17:1) –a bet on the first, second and third 12 numbers on the wheel.

The roulette payout for each of the first three strategies is 1:1 while that of the last two is 2:1.